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Australia: Emissions from Households

Australian households generate a lot of greenhouse gases – mainly from transport, heating/cooling appliances and wastes that end up in landfill.

The majority of emissions in our domestic economy are a result of decisions and purchases made by our individual households and small businesses. It represents a huge number of stakeholders (10,000,000 households) and physically represents a very large number (approximately 100,000,000) of small machines (cars, water heaters, space heaters, kitchen appliances) that are significant capital expenditures to the individual households.

Problem at hand

Solution :

A fully electriÞed home powered by renewables will need less than 40% of the energy of its fossil-fueled counterpart. The Australian economy can run on far less energy when we embrace the electriÞcation of everything.

Source: Castles and Cars Rewiring Australia Discussion Paper

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