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Supporting technology that will transform your home or business into a solar powerhouse.


Who We Are 

Sunworx Energy is one of the leading solar companies in Australia. We offer a wide array of products and installation services for both residential, commercial spaces that are tailored to meet your every need.


Our team has extensive experience in the industry with expertise and sophistication which enables us to cater to customer's needs at all levels whether small or large scale projects regardless if you want roof-mounted panels, ground-mounted systems or just home lighting installations, we have something perfect for everyone!


What We Do

At Sunworx Energy, we hold “quality” close to our hearts. With strong ties with top energy and distribution companies, we bring different types of superior quality solar panels and inverters


Buy superior quality solar panels that promise to deliver on your power needs adequately. Robustly built, durable, easy to install, and a choice for a greener tomorrow.


With experienced specialists by your side, don’t worry about battery installation. We’ve done it for hundreds of people and businesses. Prompt in response, quick in execution.


Leverage the natural source of energy to light-up your space. Invest in high-quality solar inverters that are ideal for your day-to-day needs and energy requirements.

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