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Top Energy Stories of 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

We all know that the world is facing some major environmental issues. As we head into 2022, though the climate crisis picture does not look very positive there are some silver linings to be found in these dark clouds thanks to people working together on incredible campaigns, new technology, and efforts from scientists and governments. This blog post looks at a few good energy stories from 2021 as a way to give you hope for the future.

Record growth for renewable energy

The International Energy Agency reported that, by 2026 renewable energy is projected to have surpassed fossil fuels in terms of capacity and generation. The report shows an increase from 2016-2021 where 95% or more power globally comes from nonpolluting methods like wind turbines and solar panels on homes all around the world!

Transforming the grid with pole-mounted batteries

In August the Australian Government announced $10.98 million support for a trial of batteries mounted on power poles across Melbourne’s south east. The batteries will operate as a virtual power plant, providing demand management services, and increasing hosting capacity for rooftop solar.

Australia leads the world in per-capita uptake of solar power

While Australia's federal politicians are bickering over net-zero targets and a plan to meet them, households and small businesses are doing the heavy lifting on emissions reductions with more than 3 million rooftop solar systems now installed.

World-leading hydrogen plant bound for QLD

In March, Eco Energy World (EEW) announced a major project that is set to position Australia as a world leader in the development of green hydrogen.

The group proposed to combine a planned 300MW solar farm in Raglan, Queensland, with a 200MW hydrogen plant that will produce 33,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year using electrolyser technology.

Regeneration at the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

This one is not energy-related but has to be one of the best news from 2021, hence on the list. The reef has seen some recovery this year, the millions of new coral babies are good news for the reef after all the bleaching from the past few years. Scientists are also using man-made pools to move eggs from areas where coral has been growing and then transferring them in an effort to regenerate those hit by bleaching or destruction caused by storms; it's like IVF!

The world has been making positive developments but we can't be complacent. It’s time to double down on climate action in order for the goals set out by leaders at COP21 this year, including a 50% reduction target by 2030 (or less), to be met with success! Let's make 2022 an even more productive calendar with your help as one person can make all difference when it comes down to our sustainability goals.

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