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Simple steps to spring clean your house to improve energy efficiency

Spring has sprung, and now's the time to get your house in order. Making small changes can make a big difference in home energy consumption as well as comfort and cost! Here are some steps you could follow:

1) Clean out your fridge and Oven: When you clean out your fridge and oven regularly, dirt can clog air vents. This means it will be harder to keep the inside of these appliances working properly.

2) Install window treatments: to keep your home cool during the summer. Energy-efficient blinds, shades, or films can help minimize heat from entering your house and keeping it cooler inside for longer periods of time.

3) Seal your air ducts: Leaky air ducts can reduce a cooling system’s efficiency by up to 30%. Sealing and insulating the venting areas of your home makes it easier for an AC unit (air conditioner) to keep you cool, without wasting energy or money.

4)Have your heating/air conditioning systems serviced: If it is not working at full efficiency, then the temperature in your house will be less comfortable and more energy may end up wasted on cooling or warming unoccupied rooms when everyone has left for work or school. You should also consider replacing air filters as this could save around 15% of potential energy usage per year so money won't go to waste!

Additonally, you can reduce the amount of energy used when washing clothes

Use cold water:

By choosing cold water settings as often as possible, you can reduce energy use for washing clothes by up to 90%. Use cold water when doing any type of clothing laundering to cut down on unnecessary heat usage which could help reduce greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere because this process uses vast amounts of energy if not done with care or forethought; additionally, it will save money over time due to lowered utility costs (i.e., electricity) related specifically towards heating the tap/potable/drinking waters

Use a clothesline or dryer balls:

Line-dry your clothes when you can, which will also help the longevity of them outside in the sun where they'll be antibacterial and look whiter than if dried with heat indoors by machine. Breezecatchers offer as much as 140 linear feet of drying space while rotating for better efficiency (and faster).To dry your clothes faster, ensure the lint screen is clean and use a moisture-sensing setting if you have one. You can also try making some DIY laundry balls to soften clothes that reduce drying time; these are good for avoiding harmful chemicals in conventional sheets too!

Use an energy-efficient washing machine

Energy-efficient washing machines may use less than half the amount of water compared to conventional top loaders. This results in thousands of gallons saved every year if you do hundreds of loads annually!

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